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VMW 1500

VMW Model 1500
Chain Stitch Pocket Hem

0.5mb (pdf) 10.64 mb (.wmv)

YouTube Video
Parts & Installation
3.6mb (pdf)
VMW 1700DF

VMW Model 1700
Chain Stitch Sleeve Hem

0.2mb (pdf) 3.19 mb (.mp4)

YouTube Video
Parts & Installation
3.6mb (pdf)
VMW 1500NF-EC Pocket Hemming

VMW Model 1500NF-EC
w/ Electronic Conveyors

0.5mb (pdf) Available Soon To be Introduced
Fall of 2019!
VMW Model 1500LS

VMW Model 1500-LS
Lock Stitch Pocket Hem

0.5mb (pdf) 13.7 mb (.mp4)

YouTube Video

YouTube Video
VMW 3536

VMW Model 3536
Contour Seamer

0.3mb (pdf) 14.87 mb (.mp4)

YouTube Video
VMW Autoriser

VMW Model AR-5000NF
Automatic Riser (Yoke) Machine

0.5mb (pdf) 44.87 mb (.mp4) N/A
VMW Automark

VMW Automark II
Automatic Shade Printer

0.3mb (pdf) 2.18 mb (.mpg)

YouTube Video

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